Deliver a great virtual job fair

Attract global talent with a virtual job fair that supports your hiring goals.

Give job-seekers a virtual environment that focuses on engagement and getting to know you, your company, your people, and your open opportunities in a way that's more personal than ever before.

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Advertise your opportunities to job seekers

Promote high-priority jobs to attendees

Whether you have exhibitors for a huge virtual job fair, or you're conducting a job fair for only your company, Recruitsos helps you put your jobs front-and-center to job seekers, event attendees, and even curious passive talent.

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When you host a virtual event with Recruitsos, your job will be advertised on the great ol' world wide web—optimized for Google for Jobs, search, and promoted on a company Blikkr page designed to attract talent for your company.

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Search and rate applicants in your job database—right from your dashboard

Advertise your jobs
On-demand webinar tool
Whole Group Chat & Polls
Promotion assistance

Easy, flexible database search with rankings

Recruitsos Virtual Events gives you easy resume search through your entire pool of applicants.

Add collaborators or grant access to exhibiting companies (multi-company job fairs). Either way, you're ready to rock this search with your new database.

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Recruitsos helps you take easy steps to building delightful virtual events by adding all your event management tools under one umbrella: event registration, recorded video, on-demand webinars, promotion, and an event management dashboard to handle RSVP's, attendees, and applicants.

This enables you to focus on what’s important—creating meaningful and memorable experiences for your audience.

On-Demand webinars and live video

Pre-set rooms and on-the-fly room creation

Use Blikkr to set up live video rooms for your event and create new ones on-the-fly → complete with chat, screen sharing, and interactive panels.

Want to use your own webinar service? Our events work with the provider of your choice.

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Live-streaming to other services and large audiences available with custom events.

Engage all your attendees through live rich polls, Q&A, and whole event chat

Advertise your job
On-demand webinar tool
Whole Group Chat & Polls
Promotion assistance

Get to know your tribe

Conduct real-time Q&A through beautiful, interactive polls and event group chat—all from your organization's built-in community.

Add moderators and hosts to keep up engagement and come back any time to view, measure, and record your findings.

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Each post, question, or poll you conduct can be tagged with a specific topic. When tagged with a topic, your poll will show up within that topic segmentation and will show to attendees who are following that topic. Each question or poll is assigned to a maximum of one topic at a time, which is great for engagement and gleaning real-time feedback on sessions, vendors, speakers, and more.

Promote your event—whether you use our marketing add-ons or not

Easy and automatic promotion included

A benefit of hosting your virtual event with Recruitsos is the advertisement you'll receive on Blikkr, a service that is optimized for Google and included at no additional cost when you host your virtual event with us.

Need an even bigger boost? We have digital marketing and recruitment add-ons for you.

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Blikkr job and event listings are specifically optimized to help your event and job listings show up in Google search and in Google for Jobs. Learn more by visiting Blikkr.

How does it work?

After you sign up, here's what's next:

1. Event Manager
Your dedicated event manager will be at your service to help you set up and customize your event, and answer any questions so you're set up for success. The Event Manager will be your go-to person before, during and after the event.
2. Event Operations
Need help uploading your content? We've got you covered. Our team will make sure the event reflects your design and tech needs.
3. Digital MarketingNeed an extra boost in marketing or recruiting for your event? We provide free consultancy on how to help, and if you need more, you can upgrade to our recruiting and marketing services where we'll roll up our sleeves to help you achieve your goals.
4. Dedicated Event Support
Our dedicated support will be available for you, via email or chat—and while the event is live—to answer your questions or to help resolve any technical challenges you or your attendees may be experiencing.
5. Post-Event Support
After your event wraps, we make sure you have a data report (generated via Google Analytics) on attendee and visitor activity, along with your results on your event dashboard and ongoing access to your attendees from Blikkr

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Take your events online and boost ROI! Let us show you how.

"BusinessForensics has leveraged the use of Recruitsos since day one, and we've now made a number of hires that saved us thousands in recruiting costs."

— Tames Rietdijk, CEO | BusinessForensics

Begin with a demo, end with a great virtual event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital Marketing, Distribution, and Recruitment

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Recruitsos ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

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