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How to post jobs on multiple sites at once (including social media) with Recruitsos

1. Create your account
Free trial of Pro for 14 days. Then,upgrade to keep your premium features, or remain on the free plan.
Create my free account
2. Add your first job
Fill in the details of the job you'd like to promote.
After your trial, you'll be able to continue to promote and distribute this job, as well as receive match scores for your applicants, and move them through your hiring stages.
post a job from an applicant tracking system
Other than the title and the content of the job, everything else will remain adjustable, so make sure your first job is set up to your liking!
3. Click "distribute"
Post on Indeed automatically (recommended), by clicking the icon so the logo becomes blue and white, and no longer monochrome. For Jooble, no action is necessary.

To set up your jobs to automatically post to social media, click the Zapier icon from your distribution page.
post job on multiple social media at once
4. Now, click "Accept Invite and Build a Zap"
Here, we're going to set up a "zap" to share your current job posting, plus all new ones you create — automatically — on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and more...for free.

(If you don't yet have a Zapier account, create one for free at to facilitate this process.)
post to multiple social networks
5. Grant access to your Recruitsos account
After selecting "make a zap" type "Recruitsos" into the search bar and select "Recruitsos 1.0.0".

Zapier will then request access (via a pop-up) to authenticate your Recruitsos account. Use your Recruitsos log-in credentials to grant access (you only need to do this once).

Once access is granted, select "Get all new jobs" then, select the job you'd like to share.
social media job posting
6. Add your social network, fill in your details
To continue, you'll need to choose an action step. For this example, we'll select LinkedIn.

Select "Create Share Update" then fill in your preferred details for how you'd like your post to appear (see GIF, for example).

Alternatively, you can select "Create Company Update" to share from a LinkedIn company page (spoiler alert: LinkedIn seems to favor updates posted from personal accounts, versus company pages, so use your personal account when possible).
post jobs to social media simultaneously
7. Turn on your zap
If you'd like to share the most recent job you created, select that job and send as a test to your LinkedIn profile.

Otherwise, all future jobs you add to Recruitsos will now  automatically share from the LinkedIn account, or company page, you selected.

Repeat this process to post your job on all your social media accounts, simultaneously, for free.
post job on multiple social media at once free
Consider yourself an automation rocket ship! 🚀
*Reminder!* Don't forget to add the URL of your job posting to the careers page of your website, and anywhere else you can, to make it easy for interested candidates to apply.

With Recruitsos, applicants need only Indeed or their LinkedIn URL + email to apply, then Recruitsos will scan, assess, and handle the rest!

Job Distribution and Sharing

Post your job on Indeed and Jooble, share it across social media

Asynchronous Video

Get a real-life glimpse of candidates, in their own words, before deciding to interview

Zapier Integration

Automatically connect with 1500+ applications to share your job, and applicant details

Gmail Integration

Connect your gmail account and your automated candidate notifications will be sent directly from you!

Self-Scheduled Interviews

Our software enables candidates to schedule themselves based on your availability

Candidate Progress Tracker

Give applicants transparency and real-time updates, to improve your candidate experience, like a boss.

Challenge Stage & Deadlines

Set your requirements, upload any documents, set the deadline, and never worry about typing it again!

Video Greetings to Applicants

Humanize your automation with scalable video greetings — from you, to every applicant who advances