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Applicant tracking software that works for you. Take a look.

"BusinessForensics has leveraged the use of Recruitsos since day one, and we've now made a number of hires that saved us thousands in recruiting costs."

Tames Rietdijk | CEO
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Did you know...

 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

You’re 58% MORE LIKELY to achieve your hiring goals by tracking your metrics

 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

40% of startups DO NOT TRACK their recruiting and hiring metrics

 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

98% of The Fortune 500 use a software tool to TRACK and MANAGE  recruitment

 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

Nearly 50% of startups and small businesses DO NOT meet their hiring goals

 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

Small businesses spend countless HOURS sourcing and pre-screening talent

 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

Most companies with fewer than 10 employees have NO internal recruiters

Do you want results like the top 50% of small businesses that routinely hit their hiring targets?

Hire fast with Recruitsos in 3 easy steps!

 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

Create your job — then post, share and distribute

Recruitsos makes it easy to quickly create an attractive job, then distribute your job across the web to Indeed and social media websites.

Recruitsos posts to Indeed, provides you with a social share link to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you'd like! Recruitsos also integrates with Zapier so you can share your job (and candidates) with 1500+ applications.
 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

Add and edit your hiring stages

Lay out the details for your candidates once, and never worry about doing it again. Recruitsos shares the requirements you set up for each stage, automatically, with your candidates as they make it to the next step in your hiring process.

Your highest-matching top applicants will automatically move from your talent pool to your first screening stage — receiving immediate email and Candidate Progress Tracker notifications, so applicants know exactly what they need to do next, and so you never miss out on great people when you're short on time.

Complete your Recruitsos GO automation details, and done!

Recruitsos GO grabs the most relevant profiles, and begins reaching out to a small portion of them for you, each day — automatically.

This allows you to engage with hyper-targeted passive and active candidates, and invite them to apply to your job opening. After a candidate applies (needing as little as their LinkedIn profile!) our software scans their submission and assigns a unique match score.

To get started, click on Recruitsos GO from the main dash of your job opening, insert your LinkedIn search URL and custom message, add your cookie, then click start automation... and, voila!

What can you do with Recruitsos?

 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

Send your best applicants to your first screening stage — automatically!

Recruitsos is the first applicant tracking system to automatically move top candidates from the talent pool to your first hiring stage for you — so you never miss out on great people!

Recruitsos grabs the full profiles of each applicant, scans and assigns a unique match score for your job, then immediately moves your top scoring applicants from your talent pool, into your first hiring stage, for you — so you never miss out on a great candidate.

Even better, our software automatically sends each applicant an email notification with a link to their Candidate Progress Tracker, so your applicants are never left in the dark as to which hiring stage they are in, what the next steps are, or if they're still being considered for your job.

Recruiting automation to reach new and passive talent

Recruitsos GO is our cloud-based LinkedIn outreach automation, so you can easily pop a quick search right into your Recruitsos dashboard — or search by tags — add your cookie, then GO.

From there, you can walk away, grab coffee, and get other work done, as our platform will automatically reach out to a small portion of your list for you, each day.

No need to download an extension. Recruitsos GO is fully cloud-based, so you can turn off your computer, walk away, and focus on other important tasks — while you recruit!
 free applicant tracking system, ats free trial

Job posting, assessments, and candidate experience ✓

Send and receive video messages, eliminate back-and-forth emails, and automatically update applicants with our revolutionary Candidate Progress Tracker (it's like giving your applicants a Domino's Pizza Tracker for your hiring process!).

Get started with Recruitsos today!
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applicant tracking systems that integrate with zapier

Zapier Integration

Automatically share your job and applicant details connect with 1500+ applications
applicant tracking software that works with gmail

Gmail Integration

Connect your gmail account and your automated candidate notifications will be sent directly from you!
how to write a job advertisement

Job Sharing, Distribution

Create and distribute your job opening to Indeed, Jooble, and via your share link
recruiting software with video

Asynchronous Video

Get a real-life glimpse of candidates, in their own words, before deciding whether to interview

Self-Scheduled Interviews

Our software enables candidates to schedule themselves based on your availability
applicant tracking system for candidate experience

Candidate Progress Tracker

Give applicants transparency and real-time updates, to improve your candidate experience, like a boss.
send challenges to candidates in recruiting and hiring

Challenge Stage & Deadlines

Set your requirements, upload any documents, set the deadline, and never worry about typing it again!
recruiting software that sends video

Video Greetings to Applicants

Humanize your automation with scalable video greetings — from you, to every applicant who advances

"After partnering with Recruitsos, we made four offers and two hires in a short amount of time, after coming up empty-handed using other services."

Kristel von Kollenburg  | Founder, CEO
tames rietdijk, businessforensics, business forensics


$45/ mo
14 Days FREE ACCESS to Recruitsos Pro
Job distribution to Indeed & Jooble
Job-specific candidate match score
Auto-advancement of top applicants to next stage
Candidate self-scheduling for interviews
Zapier Integration — connect with 1,000+ apps!
Gmail Integration
Company video greetings
Candidate Progress Tracker™
$95/ mo
All BUSINESS features, plus:
Recruitsos GO
(LinkedIn Automation)
Custom on-boarding and training
Job and profile set-up assistance
Zapier set-up assistance
Calendly set-up assistance
*Price does not include additional taxes, fees, and surcharges. To learn more, contact our sales team.

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